A great disk storage usage monitoring tool

It’s quite a common problem that disk space shrinks dramatically and something has to be deleted. But what are those big files taking up the free space? With Windows you simply need some kind of tool to get a picture of disk usage. And the best tool I’ve found to do the job so far is Scanner2. It!s freeware, it’s simple and – beleive it or not – it was written 10 years ago.

This little program doesn’t over-fancy things: it scand the selected drives and displays HDD usage with a nice and zoomable pile chart. The funny thing however is this. I’ve been using this program for over 5 years but whenver I want to download it again it is almost impossible to find. So if you like this tool I suggest you bookmark its download page. And thanks for Steffen Gerlach for coding it!

One Response to A great disk storage usage monitoring tool
  1. Andrew

    Hey, I’ve been using Scanner2 a lot too and I found an alternative that seems much faster – http://users.forthnet.gr/pat/efotinis/programs/overdisk.html it’s essentially the same thing.

    Good on ya for using this program :)