Behaviour Driven Development for .NET developers

On the Scot ALT.NET meeting held on 4th November Robert Lewis gave a talk on BDD explaining the basics, motivations and demonstrating the .NET tools available to support this methodology. I found the talk to be really interesting, mostly because Robert was focusing on the practical side of BDD – that is how .NET developers can use this methodology and at what projects might this be beneficial.

Based on this talk I’ve written a small article on what BDD is, what tools there are out there to use it in the .NET world and how it can help in software projects. Read the article on my ScottLogic blog: Behaviour Driven Development for .NET developers

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    Behaviour Driven Development for .NET developers... Thank you for submitting this cool story...
  2. Казах

    Очень понравилось, даже не ожидала.

  3. Zoom H2 Handy

    There are currently two BDD frameworks .NET developers can use to implement this methodology: NBehave and the IronRuby compiled version of Cucumber.