Invited to the Kairos Society Global Summit!

It has been a great honour that I a month and a half ago I have been invited to become a member of the Kairos Society and also attend their annual summit mid April this year.


Kairos Society is an invite-only foundation aimed to unite the world’s brightest young minds. Each year they hold a global summit where some of the most influential leaders are brought together with a select group of the world’s most innovative and entrepreneurial students. As part of the summit the 100 most innovative student projects are exhibited – I’ll also be one of the exhibitors as participant in the Green Watering Project.

I have been invited to this year’s summit based on the Green Watering project I’ve played marginal role in developing. The project is an integrated hardware and software solution aimed to dramatically reduce the amount of water used for irrigation. The project has received numerous awards so far including worldwide third place on the Microsoft Imagine Cup (the world’s premier student technology competition) in Paris, 2008, and first prize on the Innovation Accelerator in Silicon Valley, 2009.

I’m really excited about the summit – it psyched about exhibiting within the New York Stock Exchange, curious about the other projects and looking forward to networking with all the bright people!