Silverlight 4 still displays large elements incorrectly

I’ve ran into the issue of Silverlight displaying large elements incorrectly in version 3. After reporting the issue on the official Silverlight forums it’s turned out that it’s a known issue that Silverlight renders elements larger than 32K incorrectly.

After Silverlight 4 released I was hoping that this issue is fixed. However, I was disappointed to see that it still exists. My problem with this bug is that I’m working on a charting application that supports zooming. The easiest way to do this applying RenderTransforms and ScaleTransforms to the elements plotted. However due to this bug zooming is limited until the zoomed element size is 32K – this sets a practical limit of about 70-150x zoom (based on the original element size) which in my case is a serious limitation.

To experience the bug, here is an application that reproduces it. Enter 66000 into the square size field to experience the original green element being incorrectly displayed.

The source of the example can be downloaded from here: