Cheer For Your Team With a Click on!

I’ve created TweetForYourTeam just a week ago and have just added a major update with a couple of fun features.

Cheer By a Single Click

In the original version of TweetForYourTeam one was able to engage in cheering for or against a team by sending a tweet to Twitter. In the current update an easier method has been implemented. Under each teams two buttons have been placed that allow one to cheer for or against the team by hitting the button.


Whenever one sends a cheer (or anti-cheer), a cool animation happens on the screen. At the same time this cheer is sent back to the server and immediately appears on all other users’ screen real-time, using Kwwika’s real time notification streaming. So whenever you cheer, everyone else gets to see the same effect go off on their screen.


Hear The Crowd

Sound effects have been added to the application as well. A constant humming vuvuzela sound has been added as background “music” for TweetForYourTeam. The volume of the vuvuzela can be controlled or muted. Also, both supporting and cheering against team trigger a sound effect. These effects not make the application resemble the atmosphere of a World Cup 2010 game even more.

Under the Hood

Implementing sending and receiving notifications of cheering was the biggest feature in this update. However, actually this part took the least time to implement: I’ve spent probably triple the amount of time looking for sound effects and styling the new buttons then writing and reading cheer events.

Until this update the application was only reading the Kwwika stream similar to the way I’ve described in my tutorial on Kwwika’s Twitter streaming.

In this update I’ve had to push data into Kwwika whenever someone clicked on a cheer button and read this data from there, while simultaneously streaming the tweets as well. Implementing this task was actually simpler than I thought thanks to the easy to use topic concept in Kwwika. Each Kwwika stream has a unique URL that one can subscribe to, this is called the topic. So I’ve used a designated topic for writing and reading the cheer events: in this case the /KWWIKA/COMPS/WC2010/COLLABORATE topic. Writing data to this topic was even easier then reading them, a single Publish call had to be made to the Kwwika.IConnection object.

Do you love a team? Or hate one?

The bronze game and final on the World Cup is still to be played. Have your say (or click) and cheer for – or against! – one of the teams at

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