Styles in Silverlight – Advanced Topics

I’m writing a 4 part series on everything (I think) it’s worth knowing about styles. In the second part of the series (following the previous one Styles in Silverlight – an Introduction) I’m covering the following topics:

  • Re-Using Styles for Different Types: the TargetType of the Style can be a parent type of the target object as long as it only sets properties of the parent type.
    So for example the Fill property of both an Ellipse and Rectangle can be styled by using a Style that’s TargetType is set to Shape (as both Ellipse and Rectangle inherit from Shape)
  • Inheriting Styles using the BasedOn property: Styles can be inherited from one another using the BasedOn property. Single inheritance is supported and the depth of inheritance is not limited.
  • Implicit styling: Implicit styles allow defining a default style for all instances of a given type within the scope of the control. This feature has been introduced in Silverlight 4.
  • Style Precedence: Styles are only applied to a property if that property is not animated, has no local value set and has no value set in a template. This precedence is the same as the dependency property precedence.
  • Style Setter Precedence: setters specifying the value of the same property may be declared within the same Style. The last one of them has the highest precedence and will be used.
  • You can read the (much more detailed) full article on my Scott Logic blog. The next part of the series will cover further advanced topics such as using Styles in code behind and exploring the relationship between styles and dependency properties from a practical perspective.

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