An Amazing Windows Phone 7 Application: Cocktail Flow

I’m proud to announce that the release version of Cocktail Flow, an application I’ve been working together with Distinction has been sent to approval and is planned to appear in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace in a few days. Before I go into any other details, watch the 45 seconds teaser video (recommended to do on fullscreen):

User Interface

The user interface has been designed to fit perfectly with the Metro interface of Windows Phone 7, while making the most out of it. It’s both visually stunning, clean, light and intuitive to explore. Some further screenshots:


The application is much more than just a list of cocktail recipes, it also includes the following useful features:

  • Virtual cabinet – tap the ingredients (spirits, liqueurs, mixers) and the app will show cocktails you can create from them.
  • Shopping assistant – offers ingredients to buy to create further cocktails. Also includes a price indication estimating how much buying the offered ingredients would cost.
  • Step by step recipes – all recipes are broken down to simple steps, outlining the creation process in a clear way.
  • Categorized lists – cocktails are categorized by base drink (e.g. rum, vodka, gin) and also by type (e.g. classical, tropical, shooter) making it easy to browse related cocktails
  • Search as you type – start typing part of the name of the cocktail in any cocktail list and the list will automatically be re-filtered
  • Similar cocktails – all cocktail recipes show a list of cocktails you should try if you liked them.
  • Getting started guides – the application’s guides explain essentials needed to know to create delicious cocktails
  • Amazing photography – all images have been carefully composed to reflect the fantastic experience you’ll feel when drinking them!

Release Information

The application is to be launched as soon as it’s approved in the marketplace, estimated late October. The title is currently exclusive to Windows Phone 7.

Update: estimated release date is 21 October.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

11 Responses to An Amazing Windows Phone 7 Application: Cocktail Flow
  1. Robert

    Wow. That is a truly stunning example of what can be developed on the Windows Phone 7 platform.. I can’t wait to download and use it!

  2. Michael Washington

    The point is you know how to deliver a polished product that makes sense. Good job.

  3. Alex Januschewsky

    Looks great but you should add a “try & buy” option. I was interested in reviewing it for our readers, but I can’t buy every app that looks promising!

  4. Gergely Orosz

    Thanks for the comments! :)

  5. Sam

    Amazing app, cant wait to get my WP7!

  6. john

    One nice thing you could had is like a shaker animation lol…really a animation or some small clip showing how to work with some tools for beguinners

  7. Andreas Tsouchlaris

    Really amazing! The first app I bought for my WP7 (and I have checked a lot of them). Superb images, simple instructions and clear UI. The “Shopping recommendations” feature is helping a lot.

  8. Dustin

    This looks like a really nice application. By far the nicest UI of any cocktail/bar application. I have one question, are there planned updates to this, as I have heard content is a little limited at this point?

  9. Gergely Orosz

    Thanks for the comments!

    Dustin: yes, updates are planned to be published regularly. The first update with a new pack of cocktails is scheduled around the holidays and regular updates will be coming afterwards as well, adding more and more cocktails (right now there are about 150 drinks in the app).

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