Calculator X8 Privacy Policy

Calculator X8 is a calculator application for Windows 8 with scientific and basic mode and theme selection.

Information Collected

The application does not collect, store or transit any personal data, it only stores application preferences and statistics.

The application stores application preferences set by the user locally. These stored preferences are the following:

  • Last selected theme
  • Rad or Deg mode set on calculator

The application also persists the number of launches across devices (using roaming settings). This is used to show a dialog reminding to rate the application to users after a certain number of launches. This value is persisted across devices to ensure this dialog is shown very rarely to users.

The application does not send any data over the network.

Contacting the Author

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact the author on this web contact form or the email support address specified in the application.

4 Responses to Calculator X8 Privacy Policy
  1. Cam

    Hi Gergely,

    I’ve just downloaded your Calculator 8 ( partly because it does not ask for any control permissions) and I have simple problem. I’m using Windows 8.1 and your calculator fills up my entire 23 inch monitor. Isn’t there some way to make it smaller, like 6′ X 4″ ?



  2. Jim

    Mr. Orosz, Same simple problem as Cam, The calculator fills up the whole screen. Big monitor makes it a little harder to use since its not an every day use.

  3. Jamie

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  4. subair

    error installed

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