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Bus Tracker Edinburgh for Windows Phone 7

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally finished and published the Edinburgh Bus Tracker application, Bus Tracker Edinburgh. It’s completely free, get it from the Marketplace now:

Main features of the application are:

  • Find bus stops based on your location, by service number or by bus stop codes
  • Mark stops as favorites and access them with a simple swipe on the main screen
  • Acess the most recently viewed stops from the main screen
  • Get automatic Lothian bus service alerts
  • … all designed to blend perfectly with your Windows Phone with beautiful Metro design

(A note as to why I chose this name versus Edinburgh Bus Tracker or EdinBus: should you not pin the app to the start page it’s somewhat a drag to scroll all the way down to “E” to start the app. Changing the name to start with “B” seemed to put it at my fingertips in the long list app selector as well).

For more information and screenshots, visit the Bus Tracker Edinburgh home page.

If you’re an Edinburgh resident I hope you’ll find it useful on your everyday commute. (And if the lack of this application was stopping you getting a WP7 you can now reconsider it ;) ) Enjoy!

Creating a Beautiful Windows Phone 7 Application

I’ve presented the talk Creating a Beautiful Windows Phone 7 Application in two locations the past weeks:

Some useful resources to get started with:

Slides of the talk:

Slides, Code and Additional Resources for the Talk Developing for Windows Phone 7

Last night I’ve talked about developing for Windows Phone 7 in Edinburgh on a Scot Alt.Net meeting. Thanks for everyone who showed up, as well as Mike Ormond for coming up from London and showing off some developer devices.

As promised, here’s a list of resources that I think serve as great starting point on cracking on with WP7 development:

Also, here is the slideshow I’ve presented at the event:

Good luck on getting started!

Why You Should Get Started With WP7 Development

Two weeks ago at TechMeetup I’ve talked about why I think Windows Phone 7 is a great opportunity for developers in five minutes. The people at TechMeetup – as always – filmed it and it’s available for viewing:

TM Talks-Gergely Orosz talks about Windows Phone 7 from TechMeetup on Vimeo.

My key points on why I think it’s worth to crack on with Windows Phone 7 can be summed up in these:

  • I think Windows Phone 7 has got everything to gain a decent marketshare in the near future: it’s UI is sexy, gamers will like it and Microsoft is committed to market it any way it can
  • The development experience is as easy as it gets. The barrier of entry for mobile development hasn’t been this low: all you need is download the great tools and have some understanding of OO programming
  • Because it’s so easy to get started developing, I think we’ll se a similar trends in application numbers as we’ve seen for iPhone and Android. If you’d like to gain attention, your chances are much better if you get your application out before the market is too crowded.
  • Based on this I’d suggest you crack on developing (I would also suggest stopping by for the (free) Windows Phone 7 talk late September in Edinburgh, but unfortunately all places have gone in two days!)
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